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Post-COVID 19 Success: Preparing Your Business For Life After The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging across the United States and indeed the world. Yet some proactive entrepreneurs are already planning for the post-COVID landscape. And many post-COVID strategies will work well both now, while the pandemic is still on-going, and in the future.

No matter what way you cut it, the COVID-19 epidemic has greatly altered life, and society may never be the same. That might sound dramatic, but a pandemic of global proportions itself is quite dramatic. At Media Explode, we’re taking steps to help our clients deal with the ongoing pandemic and also prepare for what comes after.

By taking the right steps now, you can help ensure that your business will not only survive the COVID-19 outbreak but excel in the post-pandemic landscape. Overcoming challenges won’t be easy, but as a business owner, you’ve already got the grit and talent to succeed. Now, you need to leverage your skills to prepare your business for what lies ahead. 

Customer Service Must Remain A Top Priority Post COVID-19

Many companies have been working hard to provide excellent customer service amid the outbreak. For many restaurants, medical practices, and other businesses, the nature of the pandemic actually drove new customers through the door (or, at least, through the web). 

If you’ve established new relationships with customers during the pandemic, don’t take them for granted. Right now, you may be their only choice. As the economy opens back up, people will have more options and different needs. So start strengthening relationships with customers old and new right now.

Let’s say you run a restaurant and had a thousand new account registrations for your food delivery services the last two months. Three hundred of these new customers have since become regular patrons. So why not send them a coupon for free delivery or a free side dish? Also, see if you can get their mailing address and offer more discounts in exchange. Email inboxes are often more crowded than physical mailboxes. 

You should integrate customer service directly into your marketing efforts so you can establish and strengthen relationships with customers.

Want to learn how you can build relationships with your customers? At Media Explode we strive to build great relationships with our clients and also help our clients strengthen bonds with their customers. With customer service, you need to practice what you preach. Get in touch with us and see what excellent customer service looks like.

Every Company Needs an Online Presence

Before COVID-19, a website, strong social media presence, and online ordering options were a luxury for many brick-and-mortar companies. Restaurants, corner shops, medical practices, and niche retailers could get by without an online presence. Many customers still relied on word-of-mouth and physical presence.

Take restaurants, for example. Over the last few years food delivery, online reservations, and social media have all become more important for restaurants. Yet many of the people using food delivery or engaging with brands on social media were often either early tech adopters or brand champions. Most restaurants continued to rely on foot traffic, word of mouth, and the regulars

Not anymore. Even after this pandemic is settled, you can bet that many customers will continue to engage with businesses through the Internet. The cat’s out of the bag and now even customers who previously avoided the World Wide Web will be more likely to shop and order online.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed things dramatically. DoorDash, Uber Eats, and other food delivery companies have seen a surge in sales. The popular grocery delivery service Instacart has had to hire thousands of shoppers to keep up with demand. Amazon has hired tens of thousands too and Walmart’s online sales, including delivery and at-store pickup, have expanded by 74%.

The focus on local SEO is now greater than ever, and is proving to be one of the best tools for brick-and-mortar businesses looking to build an online presence. Check out our guide “Localized SEO- Standing Out in the Crowded New York Market” to learn more.

Think Outside The Box

Promotional products offer an amazing way to connect with your customers – especially during a time like this when so many people are spending more time at home. Picture this: one of those out of the blue rainstorm hits New York and now one of your regular customers is worried about the walk home after picking up their order. Five blocks and no umbrella. But that’s no problem, you say, here’s a free branded umbrella on the house. Your customer stays dry, is sure to appreciate your generosity, and will advertise your brand whenever the rain comes. Think about offering your customers some calendars, fridge magnets – things that are more useful now than ever before. 

Need some help? Want to expand your online presence? Media Explode offers expert web design and digital marketing campaign management. During the COVID-19 outbreak we’ve helped countless restaurants connect with customers, empowered medical practices by supporting their telemedicine, and have worked with many other businesses to launch integrated digital marketing campaigns. Get in touch today and see how we can help your business! 

About Michael Boguslavskiy
I develop integrated marketing campaigns that help businesses establish their online presence, generate brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction, and most importantly drive sales!
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