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Get Ready for the Big Game, Restaurant Owners!

Super Bowl 2020 Marketing Strategy Banner

Super Bowl Marketing Tips and Tricks:

It’s America’s favorite day of the year – eating your fill of wings, pizza, and other delicious foods on Super Bowl Sunday. Over 98 million people watched the Super Bowl in 2019 – which makes for an incredible chance for business owners to advertise and drive sales. For restaurant owners who want to take advantage of this amazing advertising opportunity, we’ve got just the thing for you when it comes to promotions!

Offer a Super Bowl Catering Package

The Super Bowl presents the biggest marketing opportunity of the year, but it’s one that everyone is competing for. If you’re a restaurant, there’s no better way to get sales than offering catering packages for Super Bowl parties! Besides the game, food is definitely the most important aspect of this American holiday. Make sure everyone knows you can bring delicious food right to them through Social Media Marketing and In-Store Promotions.

Host a Super Bowl Party

Want a surefire way to get customers into your door? Host a Super Bowl viewing party! This allows you to develop a personal relationship with your customers, which in turn will make them come back in the future. Not only that – but many people will not have any plans for the big game – making this the perfect chance to gain new customers!

Create a Super Bowl Giveaway

If there’s anything Americans love more than football, it’s winning competitions. Throughout the game, host contests where customers bet on the winner – and the winning team’s vote receives a free appetizer, a drink or coupon codes! Alternatively, you could create a raffle offering a free gift card to your business as an incentive. Talk about a win-win situation! 

Use Social Media Marketing to the Max

Social media is a cheap, easy to use and effective tool for all business owners! Not only is the majority of the general population already active on social media, but they love keeping track of the game, and they can learn about any specials for the Super Bowl you may have going on. Don’t skip out on this- 66% of customers say they follow and like brands on various platforms.

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to establish long term relationships with your customers, and show them who you are as a brand. Don’t wait – take advantage of the Super Bowl’s advertisement today! 

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