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Digital Marketing is Driving Change and Success Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

Stop! Now look around. Are you six feet away from everyone? If not, you may be violating social distancing guidelines. Authorities are urging people to maintain their distance so we can arrest the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Yet as every business owner knows, the show must go on. 

If you’re managing a business during these trying times, you already know that the rent payments aren’t stopping, you’ve got employees to care for, and suppliers need revenue. Nothing drives home how big the “family” is for family-owned and operated businesses than a global pandemic. 

Businesses big and small are rediscovering just how important digital marketing and social media are amid the COVID-19 outbreak. With the sound strategies and practices, we can help you grow your business and drive success.

How Digital Marketing Promotes Sound Digital Health

Digital marketing has become a key tool in the business survival box. Some have struggled, but many proactive businesses are thriving. Some medical practices, for example, have been forced to cancel non-essential in-person appointments. Yet over the past few months, we’ve seen a tremendous growth of telemedicine, with patients and doctors meeting via video. 

For many doctors and patients alike, telemedicine is a new experience. We’ve helped thriving medical practices like Triborough GI, NYMD Center and others transform their services and put together highly-targeted Google ad and social media campaigns to reach out to patients in need. It’s a win-win-win. Patients receive important medical treatment and advice. Medical practices keep the lights on. But everyone keeps their distance, slowing the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

It’s not just medicine either. People are sharing drinks, toasts, and potlucks online. Kids are still going to school, right in their living room. The times have changed, yes, but cutting edge businesses can adapt and thrive.

Using Social Media to Drum Up Sales During the COVID-19 Crisis

Some takeout restaurants, grocery stores, corner markets, and supply stores have enjoyed brisk business. Have you tried picking up a pack of Clorox wipes? Good luck. Yet a lot of businesses are struggling. If you’re not selling essential supplies (or people don’t know that you are), you need to raise awareness and show off what you have to offer. This is where social media comes in.

One of our clients, a popular kosher fast food restaurant, has continued to enjoy brisk growth amid the pandemic. This particular chain already had strict sanitary practices in place to ensure everything is kosher, and many of their practices may help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Oh, and their food is the bomb. By leveraging social media, ads, and other strategies, we’ve helped them further their success. More sales, more attention, more happy customers. 

We’ve learned some things along the way as well. Let’s take a look.

Tips for using social media effectively amid COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Remember, social media is about building relationships, not constantly pushing blunt sales pitches. Introduce your staff, talk about sacrifices you’ve had to make, or otherwise try to relate to people.
  • Highlight what you have to offer but be genuine. You can talk about how hard it is to get supplies, for example, but you’ve persevered and kept the kitchen/ice cream shop/whatever open.
  • Demonstrate the steps you’re talking to ensure safety. Perhaps you’re using UV lights to destroy pathogens in your kitchen or shop, for example.
  • Update people about your status, operating hours, social distancing guidelines, and other anti-COVID-19 measures. With so many businesses shut down or restricted, many people don’t know what’s open, when they need to make appointments, etc.
  • Gently remind people that any social distancing guidelines are for the protection of your staff, customers, and the community at large. We need to work together to defeat COVID-19.

Wondering if social media is right for your business? With nearly 80% of American adults on social media, it’s a great place to connect. Check out our blog post Top Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business to learn more.

As for stores, medical offices, restaurants, and more, awareness is key. Your once-popular pub or bistro may struggle if people don’t realize you’re offering takeout and that the food is every bit as delicious as the dine-in service. Let them know. Even if society is shut down, we can enjoy our favorite food, shop for stylish clothes, take advantage of your services and even sip on luxury coffees.

We will defeat this pandemic. Not today. Probably not tomorrow. But we will persevere, and with the right digital marketing and social media strategies, your business may thrive even amid the pandemic.

Need help with your digital marketing and social media efforts? Have questions? Got something to share? Reach out any time! We’ve worked with scores of clients amid this pandemic, using years of digital marketing experience to grow small businesses, launch successful print and digital campaigns, and otherwise ensure success.

About Michael Boguslavskiy
I develop integrated marketing campaigns that help businesses establish their online presence, generate brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction, and most importantly drive sales!
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