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Pay Per Click Advertising That Brands.

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Small businesses waste as much as 25% of their PPC budget

Pay Per Click Advertising

Each year small businesses essentially donate huge sums to Google and other ad networks with poorly managed Pay Per Click campaigns. It drives us crazy. Not only do these small businesses waste money, but they lose out on opportunities to acquire customers. Using our tried and true expertise, we will optimize your PPC campaign to acquire the most conversions and traffic at the lowest costs.

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

*Management fee based on a minimum monthly advertising budget of $1500.
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Why PPC Campaign Management

PPC Traffic Is the Most Likely to Convert Quickly

We obsess over every click. When users click on an ad, they are often past the general research phase. They are more likely to be ready to pull the trigger and to make a purchase. With professional PPC strategies you can increase ROI and reduce expenditures but targeting ads and building high-converting landing pages.

Smart Targeting + Data Will Reduce Costs and Increase Results

Data is power. We love data, and we integrate it closely into our PPC campaigns. Amateurs target low quality audiences, use poor sales copy and don’t bother digging into data. This can get expensive and is ineffective. Professionals know how to leverage data, use great copy, and tweak campaigns all while targeting the highest value audiences.

Tie Your PPC Into SEO, Social Media, and Other Methods

Don’t leave your digital marketing strategies isolated in various silos. By building a comprehensive strategy, you can use PPC to bolster results for your other tactics, such as social media and search engine optimization. Over the long run, this will reduce costs and maximize outputs.

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